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Of the website (Homepage). Consideration in the decision-making stage when visitors or customers already. Know about your brand or business. and is in the process of considering. Whether to purchase a product or service from you You need to. Provide useful information to keep customers staying with your website. This could be a Buyer’s Guide or a Case Study on the results of using your product or service. This may be put on the product details page (Product Details) or if the customer wants to know more about you. There must be relevant content on the About Us page.

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Decision The final process of buying a product or Luxembourg Phone Number List service that you need to make the customer decide to buy. You may offer Product Demos, Comparison Charts on Product Pages or Pricing Pages, and don’t forget the Contact Us page. for customers to make decisions more quickly And there are techniques that will help you write quality content (Quality Content) as follows Mix short-tail (general) and long-tail (specific) keywords, or low-converting keywords, with high-converting keywords to rank even better.

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Add content that is easy to read and more relevant. to create participation in various forms. Write specific content to suit the characteristics of the buyer. Write content that B2C Database solves problems for customers or readers. Te content that creates sharing and spreading the word. Place call-to-actions (CTAs) or action text buttons on product pages. Contact us page and other pages Rendering Language Elements (HTML) As for HTML, it is one of the languages ​​used to write websites. Which consists of things as follows. Title of the website page (Page Titles itle Tags) Heading titles tell visitors and Google search what they will find on each page of your website.

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