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The fight against drug traffick was a point of collaboration between former presint Hernánz and former presint Donald Trump, which translat into a fight against other drug traffickers and the maintenance of a certain impunity over the illicit activity itself from which accuses the first today. This collaboration in the fight against drug traffick brs with it a very sensitive issue the involvement of the Honduran military in this task, which is strictly police and judicial. In the aforemention collaboration experience, the involvement occurr through the Army force and, as perceiv, the current one is go to be carri out through the Air Force, the most professional of the Arm Forces.

Migration for its partwas the subject

Of negotiation between the US and the Northern Triangle countries (Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras) and was plac on the security agenda when it should have been plac on the velopment agenda. This translat into the location of the military and police Austria Phone Number List as key actors in the containment of migration along the migratory route, which begins at the borr between Honduras and Guatemala and extends to the borr between Mexico and the Unit States , pass through the borr between Guatemala and Mexico. The situation, taken to the extreme, caus the migrant caravans leav Honduras to run into soldiers and police who prevent them from leav the country, while in other countries they prevent them from continu.

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The inclusion of migration in the velopment

Agenda starts, instead, from the recognition that people leave because they do not find in their country of origin the basic conditions to live, find employment and have access to health, ucation or social security, among other nes. Therefore, from this point B2C Database of view, the solution is to create these sources in the country thanks to a good investment in velopment, with strong controls to eliminate or substantially ruce corruption that could have a negative impact on that investment. This is a point in common with the interests of the Unit States , which encourages investment in strategic areas that would end up ruc migration to that country.

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