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Along with even more local branches.understanding of the changes that are important, and the unconscious processes of the narrator that change and preserve the particular details of the story. After tackling this ‘simple’ story of the harp, the next step is to look at some more complex stories in the Gaelic repertoire. (for now) of these stories pass from word of mouth to record to volume to digital image to digital text to string of code. Each interpretation of this story gives us a different insight, and as a result we can return to the narrator’s interpretation with a better understanding. Author.

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Monica Marion Partners Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports and Mia A 20 Year Strategy for the Irish Language The National Lottery Foras na Gaeilge Hong Kong Phone Number List University College, Dublin Irish Folklore Collection Irish Folklore Foundation Post-Connaught Press On this situchas , Decoding Hidden Heritages , Decoding Hidden Heritages , folklore , research , duchas.ie , Aarne-Thompson 5 SEPTEMBER 2022 Tiernan Gaffney is doing a Masters in Irish Folklore & Ethnology at UCD, and work as a research assistant on the Decoding Hidden Heritages project during the summer of 2022 finding and compiling old stories in the Irish Folklore Collection and relat sources.

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While working as a Research Assistant on B2C Database the project Decoding Hidden Heritages, I was looking for three types of stories from the Aarne-Thompson index of folktales in the Irish Folklore Collection: AT 400: The Man on a Quest for his Lost Wife , AT 425: The Search for the Lost Husband and AT 503: The Gift of the Little People . Once the material was locat, it was scann and digitiz and the appropriate metadata was retriev. The work of archivist Seán Ó Súilleabháin provid a framework for the scann work and the timeline. In Types of the Irish Folktale (TIF) by Seán Ó Súilleabháin and Reidar Th.

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