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It is true that certain themes are common in human life, but of an international story, it is difficult to say that they were creat independently of each other. For example, see this short story about a harp, collect by Willie Toohil in 1937 as part of the School Collection: The School Collection, Volume 0146, Page 545 Compare that to the story call “The Man with the Wen” collect in early 20th century Japan. Both stories can be describ in the same way: a paranormal man encounters a group of supernatural performers. He performs for them himself, and as a reward for his work, they take the scenery from him.

Queen takes the harp away

Another man tries to get rid of his own charms China Phone Number List in the same way, but after a bad showing, the supernaturals leave him with both charms. Of course, there are significant differences between the two stories: in the Japanese story the man has a lump on his face, but in the Irish version he has a harp. In some cases, these various details ‘localize’ the story according to its cultural context: the performers in the Irish version are female, and the Japanese version is a female. Stories like DNA: ‘genealogies’ of stories and gain insight into their history is to trace these differences according to time and place.

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Available in Ireland and Scotland

Like language or genetic codes, small items B2C Database  and sub-stories make up a big story and over time these items change. Some of these changes remain and create new versions of the story. Thus, the same phylogenetic methods that trace genealogies of species or linguistic change can be us for the complex details of stories. Some of these changes, such as changing the supernatural being, are quite obvious, but for the most part, it is difficult to distinguish.

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