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Formula is an extremely technological sport. second difference in the passage of a circle in the race is just an abyss, by the standards of racing, so teams spend millions of dollars on development. Previously, the teams had no ceiling on spending and top teams had budgets of – million per season. Now they are limited to million per year, but the total costs have not changed much. It would seem that the car is the most important thing to talk about and talk about. In fact, the opposite is true. Fans write about the cars themselves, technical experts analyze them and analyze the results of the races. The teams themselves bring their pilots to the fore. Interviews with the pilots, who said what and when.

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Posts stories. This is being discussed everywhere. In fact, now Formula has more capital outside of the races themselves than in the Grand Prix. Everything is built around the race, but the superstructure for the fans is almost more than the base. The Colombia Phone Number List value is not in some flash mobs, but in people and additional content “from production”, something that is not visible on TV. What should I do with all this? I wanted to write an article about Formula for a long time, as I am a big fan and admirer of Scuderia Ferrari although it hurts. But what is the value for marketers.

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Business Did I just write stuff to write

Of course not. What businesses can learn from Formula Focus on people. People love people. And brands, of course, but also people. Only its not about posts, in the style of “today is Lyubas birthday” or “here we had a corporate party.” This is of no interest B2C Database to anyone. But submitting content through the people who work for you is a good way. Gradual heating. Your employees are not immediately interesting to anyone. As well as new racers in Formula . Their fan base is formed gradually. At first it is interesting WHAT they say, then WHO says. Backstage is interesting.

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