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Which he was a member together with Carlos Chacho Álvarez, Mario Wainfeld and José Pablo Feinmann– they us «alfonsinist language to continue being Peronists. Unidos was an Alfonsinist magazine at heart, but on its Peronist surface». To return to Link’s metaphor, the galaxy of the idea of ​​democracy and its uses also proliferat and cover all discussions in the intellectual field with its brilliance. Finally, the passage from the s to the s chang the self-perception of intellectuals. If before they had been assign a place at the forefront of changes, the new time found them more humble. In Intellectuals, split or mimesis? , Sarlo propos that the intellectual should not make the mistake of superimposing.

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It would be possible to find «some discourse that tells us about a more general and more public figure, which is not necessarily the figure of the politician. Much more recently, Carlos Altamirano argu in his book Intellectuals Research Notes on a Restless South Africa WhatsApp Number List Tribe, that “the public intellectual is not conceiv as a magistrate of the spirit or as an expert, but as a citizen who seeks to encourage discussion in his community.” This characterization, written in , has echoes of that thought of the s. The intellectuals did not place themselves, or at least they pretend not to do so, above other actors, but as citizens who, from their disciplines, tri to contribute to the public debate.

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Within a community of diverse, opposing and more complex voices than the old proletariat-bourgeoisie binomial. José Nun had also point it out in his B2C Database article About him The rebellion of the choir, in which he propos abandoning the classic class dualism of Marxism to attend to a series of actors traditionally relegat to the chorus who were beginning to raise their voices in democracy ethnic, religious, sexual minorities and, above all, women. Nun warn that the feminist movement.

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