It take to build a marketing strategy

This is an important and underestimated point. If I am running a project for myself, then nothing prevents me from dropping it. But if for the client, then it is important and necessary to CLEARLY prescribe what content will be. This is important for budgeting too, especially if youre calculating your budget in hours rather than -thousand-per-content. There is a big difference in the number of man-hours it takes for a – minute educational video, a photo post with short text, or a carousel of cool slides. other site. “We are the Successful Failure agency, we specialize in promoting developers and have implemented more than projects.

Due to the optimization of work

Our team of specialists is able to launch new projects in weeks. Further, our project manager Anatoly will tell you how such and such a project worked. Look for other cases in telegram.” Difficult? No. Ashamed? Also no. Healthy? Definitely. Linking Bulgaria Phone Number List with other cases, articles that you wrote before, links to your social networks – all this is the basis of the basics. Why write a case? For the sake of advertising yourself and your expertise. Well done Ideal case structure She is not. Templates are generally the most disgusting thing in the world, especially in marketing.

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Each project is unique and individual

There are points that should definitely be in good material Client and introductory . Once I read the phrase The goal is “communication in social B2C Database networks” and I went nuts. Such goals, of course, do not exist in the world of normal SMM. By the way, the debriefing of client goals is discussed in detail in my WHYTE SMM strategy development course . HOBA, NATIVOCHKA Project start. Launch dates, difficulties, if any, its always interesting. It was cool to immediately show it it became, if it is important for the project and the focus is on the visual.

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