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His parents spoke Irishand many old people in . It is clear from the handwritten notes that he wrote and which are in the. Main Collection today that he not only had an excellent understanding of his own local dialect but. That he had the ability and linguistic intelligence to express the minor differences. Of dialect in a caring and patent way. Picture 1 Seán Ó Flannagáin from On the Galway side of the border between. Munster and Connacht, Flanagan found several informants in the barony of Kiltartan from whom he.

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Wrote down material in Irish, many of them India Phone Number List around his own native area in the townlands of Tóin Raithní , An Gabhail Rua , An Scarribh , An Leathcoil , An Kiln and Ardmulavan . Further north he found a speaker from Castle Quarter , a townland behind Gort Inseguaire, and a good number of speakers on the east side of the same town in the townlands of An Ré Ramhar , Daraidh Briain andNew Hill . North of the Gort he collect from speakers who liv in Bally Ainin , Gort ragána and Bally an Duibh . On the east side of Ardraithin he found speakers in.

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Dísart Uí Kellaigh , on the Dúros peninsula B2C Database north of Kinmara he collect from native speakers from Páirc Mór and Crois Uatha , and on the east side of Kilcolgan he record folkloric material from speakers who liv in the Grove and at Taylor’s Castle . On the Clare side of the border he found speakers in Cuillenach , behind Croisín, and in Bally an Ruain. This is a very important area for the history of Irish dialects as it was a marginal area between two major dialects, Connacht Irish and Munster Irish. border the words, pronunciation and grammar.

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