It looks like Google is adding an AI image generator to Bard

It looks like Google is adding an AI image generator to Bard January 20, 2024by Youth23 2 Image Samples . Therefore, from Google’s Imagen 2, which is expected to come to Bard soon. An AI image generator is reportedly coming to Google Bard after discovering a series of unreleased patch notes. Bard is Google’s artificial intelligence generating chatbot, and thus DALL-E is now mainly powered by Google looks set to install its own AI image generator on Bard. Flooding from Dylan Russell , who wrote on Wednesday: “Here’s what’s going to happen tomorrow in Bard. Image generation with Bard Imagen will use Google’s Text-to-Image rendering technology.

While the exact release date is still unknown

Petapixel asked Bard if an AI image generator would be coming Fax Lists to its service, and he replied: “Google is actually planning to add an AI image generator to Bard, and that’s exciting news for anyone who uses this powerful language model. Therefore, while the exact release date is still unknown,” adds Bards. “It’s safe to say that AI image generation is coming to Bard sooner. This adds a whole new dimension to Bard’s capabilities, allowing users to not only generate text, but also create unique and creative images based on their instructions and descriptions.

Shutterstock is a client of Imagen

 The AI ​​image generator is likely to B TO C Database offer a variety of styles and techniques to choose from.  You can create anything from photorealistic images to abstract paintings. “Collaboration with text generation: You can use the AI ​​image generator in conjunction with Bard’s text generation . Capabilities to create even more complex and creative results.” Google has been quiet until now with AI Image Generator Imagen, which is already in its second model, however, limited access to the public .  

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