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The fight against corruption can lead to obtain support from. The Unit States andor international organizations to install in Honduras, as mention, a commission to support the fight against corruption similar to the Support Mission Against. Corruption and Impunity in. Honduras ( maccih ), which was establish with the support of the Organization of American States ( oas ), or the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala ( cicig ), which was establish. With the support of the Unit Nations Organization ( un ). In this way, both countries would win.

The establishment of relations with

Mainland China is an issue that remains pend, spite hav been. Proclaim a priority in the free party’s election campaign . It is natural to think that, by Azerbaijan Phone Number List establish electoral alliances, the participants end up mak cuts on some issues, and this is one that will be postpon for some time. While China prepares to intensify its financ in. Some areas and the us prepares to do the same for offset. Honduras’s relationship with China. Relations with the rest of the Central American countries are at a time of some distance. The link with Guatemala remains cold.

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With El Salvador there is a certain coincince

Perhaps from the strong criticism of its presint towards. Former presint Hernánz and his collaboration with several Honduran mayors in the provision of vaccines against covid. At a time of great difficulty in the country. to get them. It is therefore B2C Database appropriate to note that. Spite the absence of an official rapprochement between. The governments of Honduras and El Salvador, the mayors of the country’s main cities, Tegucigalpa and San Pro Sula, are prepar to receive and pay. Tribute to Presint Nayib Bukele for, As mention, the help it provid to several municipalities in the country dur the health crisis caus by the panmic.

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