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As well And here are some techniques to help people find you better through images: Write a descriptive and specific style, e.g. “Men’s white T-shirt, size L, round neck.” Written in consideration of the surrounding context relevant to the content on each page. Do not write more than characters Use keywords sparingly. and not writing a lot of repetitions at once . Structur Markup Structur Markup, also sometimes referr to as Structur Data , is a form of identifying or marking a set of data on a web page.

Specific to the content

To explain to the Google bots to understand Bolivia WhatsApp Number List more about our web pages, Structur Markup is behind Featur Snippets or the top search results on Google or rank and Knowlge Panels, which are knowlge frameworks. It is on the right side when searching for information on Google. Structur Markup is regard as a matter of Technical customization (Technical SEO), which I will not go into details, but summarizes how it is important to On-page SEO . Site Architecture Website architectural elements refer to the elements that make up your website and its pages. your website can help Google and other search engines.

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It’s easier to crawl pages and their content, which B2C Database consists of things: . Website address (Page URLs) The URLs or addresses of websites on the Internet should be easy for readers to find, including visitors. Other search engines (Search Engines) too. Page URLs are quite important when you are structuring the pages on your website. Because whenever you have multiple pages and multiple menus You ne to be well organiz and use a name that is simple and easy to understand. And it has some good techniques. Do not use special characters or unnecessary words.

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