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A proposal attentive to the diverse and unequal ways in which sociability and learning were affect, should it produce different responses adjust to each case? The answer is complicat. If we decide that no, we do not know the diversity of trajectories and their characteristics. If we decide yes, we stress the horizons of equality to which the universal right to ucation should aspire. In somewhat more concrete terms, the necessary restructuring of spaces and schules could give new impetus to old and not so old pagogical proposals that challenge some of the school grammar to make it more friendly, especially for students.

Some of these proposals could put

O the discussion table the ne to incorporate new teaching roles in primary schools, propose another organization of timetables in secondary schools, develop teaching and learning projects that cut across various subjects to avoid the somewhat France Phone Number List chaotic overabundance of practical work, among others.The Argentine ucational system enters the third decade of the st century cross by multiple tensions. Its most recent historical process can be characteriz by the massification of its coverage and the consequent extension in the years of schooling that the population has access to.

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Literally millions of girls boys and adolescents

Join ucational institutions andor sustain their ucational experience longer. This is a still incomplete process. Just to cite one piece of information, the high school graduation rate is still below . In this context, the question remains about B2C Database the meaning of the ucational encounter and about the quality of these encounters and learning, since the only tools that have been develop —read national and international evaluation operations— indicate not only a stagnation at levels that are not very satisfactory, but also a strong correlation between the socioeconomic origin of the students and their performance in the ucational trajectories – dismantling this correlation can well be consider as one of the keys to the meaning of the school.

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