Step Reem Points Reem loyalty points

Once they click Yes, they can now receive any message within hours according to Facebook’s terms of service . At this point, if the customer is not already part of the program, they will be ask to enter their email. This is important because email is the primary method us to track orders . In fact, all customers must use this email when placing an order in the store or they won’t receive sales crit. Once they sign up, they’re mark as a loyalty program member , award free bonus points, and their emails are stor in ManyChat’s database.

The cool thing about ManyChat is

That you can append parameters to the Facebook Messenger URL . Essentially, this allows you to pass data to ManyChat that you can use with your chatbot. For my online store implementation, the customer order number is pass to ManyChat along with the Colombia WhatsApp Number List customer remption link as shown below. parameter This order number is then stor in the “Order Number” field in ManyChat . If the customer is a member of a loyalty program, ManyChat will send the customer email address and order number to my website to verify that it is actually a valid order . If the order number matches the email address, then my site returns the order value to ManyChat, which is then us to update.

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The total number of loyalty points

Check the order According to the image above, these actions are perform if the order is valid. The number of loyalty points is increment by the last order value The order number is append to the list of reem orders in ManyChat . This list is us to B2C Database ensure that customers do not attempt to reem the same order twice for points. Thank customers for their orders, take into account their new points, and be tempt to see what prizes they can reem Step Collect Prizes Remption of points for prizes is self-service . When a customer has accumulat enough points to reem a free prize, they simply click on the prize, as shown in the process below.

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