Marketing is about three aspects of analysis

These three aspects and their efficiency make or break a pipeline. But to get into that. There is an urgent need to increase awareness about AI tools for marketing in the marketing community. Customer data crunching is just the start of the marketing team’s journey. The magic that can be worked with those numbers needs to come from AI tools. The outreach time, pattern and strategies are identified by AI tools much better, faster and precisely than any human brain can. An interesting example I read was how Unilever hit upon the idea of ice-cream-flavored breakfast loops.

Accept Payments Globally

It is also interesting to note that AI is not a tool Vietnam Mobile Number List separate from most of the standing marketing strategies — anyone who uses social media for marketing, data funnels to pipelines, is essentially using AI anyway. While an AI-based tool is a boon for marketing strategies, it naturally steps in where human abilities end. The scope for error in AI is much lower than in humans’ error factor. This is its biggest strength. It does not even include the cost savings that ensue because of its speed and the ability to consume much larger volumes of data and generate more marketing outreach.

Reasons Machine Learning Is the Future of Marketing

With AI tools, it is also possible to generate unlimited customer BTOC Database personas based on billions of data bytes collected from AI algorithms — digital interactions, geographical focus, purchase patterns and timelines of demands and preferences, to name a few. Any or all of these factors could serve to slice and dice data, helping achieve the most specific messaging for every prospect! In many cases, chatbots help deliver this, and that’s AI in another form. It may sound very ordinary, but it consisted of loads of AI-based insights into what people like for breakfast.

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