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Making Green Green is associat with nature and environmental friendliness. Which, if talking about color alone, can tell the feeling that the business is ethical. Green also has a soothing, positive effect that further evokes a sense of general connection. Green can mean money and growth. which makes green a popular choice in many industries. Orange (Orange) Orange seems to be a rather difficult color to deal with. It may seem popular with children, but most adults may not like it as much. This should be very careful when it comes to website design. Orange is associat with excitement, energy and enthusiasm. Plus it’s warm. For some businesses, orange is an important determining factor.

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Brand personality (Brand Personality) Link and Uruguay Phone Number List convince customers to agree to buy products or services as well. White White creates a sense of release, giving your website visitors a space to breathe. Feel relax, comfortable, not uncomfortable that ne to be appli to some design. However, white has some drawbacks, for example, it can cause eye strain when using pure white with black. and may be seen as unnatural. looks too rough An effective solution is to choose a soft white, such as ivory white, with a warmer, more soothing shade.

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Black (Black) Black is one of the most widely B2C Database us colors. But be careful because it comes with a lot of conflicting feelings. Because black may seem like a color that makes you look less frustrat. However, it still seems to be one of the most formal colors. which should be us in moderation Black comes in many shades, from dark to light, and if us well, it can help create a balance. R can evoke strong emotions as it is the hottest shade. It is often associat with passion, love and drama. and also represents the power of aggression strength or even anger.

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