How much is the marketing budget

The first step should involve the construction of a broad and sustain agreement, which is replicat in each territory and makes it possible to ruce the permanent noise of the intense minorities that drive ucation in a marketing and political-partisan key mount on electoral campaign slogans (in fact , the center-right opposition in Argentina found an effective slogan there).A second problem is that of developing answers of a magnitude similar to that of the problems pos. In this sense, a response that is up to the challenges pos requires a significant investment by the States. The political concern that is declar in the mia is superfluous if it is not translat into budget items.

In addition given that the challenge

Is profound but diverse and territorially locat, it would be a matter of combining large provisions of resources with flexible forms of implementation in the territories and institutions with the greatest and most specific nes. And, last but not least, a third Denmark Phone Number List problem is betting on acts, declarations or imagination on total presence or unplann alternation and having to stop unexpectly. The crisis scenario also opens the possibility of thinking about organizations, devices, spaces. One of the debates —never completely resolv— is that of «accompanying or teaching». It is a discussion that acquir other dimensions within the framework of the strong isolation impos, especially on the new generations. But it is a problem that is also express in the ne to attend to.

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The construction of sociability spaces at

The same time that the construction of learning opportunities is attempt. It is clear that for various sectors of society this situation was experienc during in an unequal way. The marginal urban sectors had more difficulties in concretizing learning —not B2C Database only due to connectivity problems, but also due to home difficulties to accompany—. In many cases, these sectors also develop community or neighborhood quarantines, as well as images of young people from middle and high sectors, in which case sociability between peers continu to exist. We also know that this community sociability of peers, without adults, is substantially different from the school sociability of learning citizenship.

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