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You can also get a bird’s-eye view of all sales statistics, including revenue per product, revenue per category, and more.Click here to register for Klaviyo for free Pro Klaviyo offers push-button Facebook audience integration Klaviyo’s Cfeatures as it allows you to sync your email and Facebook activity. You can pick any Klaviyo audience segment and automatically export it to a dynamically populat Facebook Custom Audience . Let’s say I have a segment in Klaviyo for customers who have purchas before but haven’t purchas in the last days. With the push of a button.

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Audience in Facebook that is dynamically updat by Klaviyo. Klaviyo Facebook Integration Facebook Custom Audiences Whenever a customer is remov from this segment, it is automatically remov from Facebook Custom Audiences. Facebook Custom Bolivia WhatsApp Number List Audiences will also automatically update whenever a customer is add to this segment . This feature is essential for any ecommerce store running Facebook ads ! Click here to register for Klaviyo for free Benefit Klaviyo provides powerful customer list segmentation My favorite feature of Klaviyo is that it allows you to create custom segments bas on your customers ‘ exact ecommerce behaviors.

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Segment that includes all new customers who purchas a r widget in the last month. The segmentation options that Klaviyo offers are extensive and cover just about any scenario an ecommerce store might ne . Generally speaking, it’s hard to describe the true B2C Database power of Klaviyo’s segmentation engine, so here’s an example. Clavio Division In the photo above, I creat a segment for all of my clients. Purchas or more Natural Battenberg Lace Napkins live in california Over in lifetime value In my online store, I have over different segments covering every productcustomer combination you can think of.

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