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On the other hand, this is absolutely inapplicable in SMM work. Now I will explain everything on my fingers and with examples, since I have a lot of examples. . The task with which the neural network copes perfectly abstract pictures for articles posts that do not carry any deep meaning, except for “well, its beautiful, damn it.” Ideal for blog covers dnative.ru. Ill try to use them for Insta. In general, for me personally, the problem of covers is completely closed. I used to use free stocks, now I myself generate pictures that are more interesting and relevant than those that I could find there.

Why did it happen

Tip If you need not a square, but for example a ratio for a picture, add -ar and you will be happy. . The task that the neural network does not Cyprus Phone Number List cope with at all the predicted result . That is, creating fantasy is easy. Create a D logo with the letter D – the hell was swimming there. More precisely, you can, but not the style that you need. You know my logo its at the top, I wanted to turn the same letter D into something fantastic and indescribably beautiful. It is possible to cross your picture and task text.

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B2b marketing what is it

If you turn on the Midjourney version command – v, then the image can be assigned a weight command X, where X = number relative to other text. Doesnt look like my logo Today I tried to solve several problems and started with the B2C Database simplest, as it seemed to me. Adapting my logo into something is incredibly beautiful in D. With variations of “futuristic city, neon” and so on. Everything is cool, except that there is no D. Even if you write “LETTER D in the center” in out of options there will be anything but D. Find the letter D It is possible to upload a picture that will be rendered.

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