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The Colosseum or the pyramids. Rather, they would rather not forget that. As Bertolt Brecht point out, these admirable monuments were built by slaves. ward Colston and Leopold II would not be forgotten their statues should be kept in museums and preserv in a way. That explains not only who they were and their extraordinary achievements, but also why and how they. Became exemplars of virtue and philanthropy, objects to be rever; in short, in the personification of their civilization. overall wave This wave of anti-racist iconoclasm is global and admits of no exceptions.

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Proud of Columbus, but statues of the man who. Discover the Americas don’t carry the same symbolic meaning for indigenous peoples. This iconoclasm legitimately demands public recognition and the transcription of his own memory and perspective a discovery. That inaugurat four centuries of genocide. In Fort-de-France, the capital of Brazil Phone Number List Martinique, two statues of Victor Schœlcher, traditionally celebrat by the French Republic as a symbol of the abolition of slavery in , were torn down on May . As the right-wing newspaper Le Figaro tells us «The new censors believe. They possess the truth and are the guardians of virtue». But it turns out that the “new censors” (that is, young anti-racist activists) want to turn the page on a paternalistic and subtly racist tradition of French universalism.

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Gift to the slaves from the enlighten Republic, a tradition that. Macron summ up well in the message quot above. The “new censors” share Frantz Fanon’s judgment in addressing this cliché in his book Black Skin, White Masks “The black man was B2C Database content to thank. The white man, and the most striking proof of this fact is the impressive number of statues. That were erect throughout France and colonies to show white France caressing the curly hair of this. Handsome black man whose chains had just been broken.” Working with the past is not an abstract task or a purely intellectual exercise.

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