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Christiansen, lists over 43,000 examples of AT tales, including primary and relat examples. Available in the Main Manuscript Collection, secondary sources. As you can see if you follow the links above, there are quite a few versions of these old stories that. Are readily available on Dúchas.ieand almost 900 examples on the list in TIF. If more information was ne regarding the volumes, the interim program written. By Ó Súilleabháin which is available in the Reading Room of the archive would be of great help. In this program, there is a list of what is available on each volume page.

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For example, if there is doubt about the pages Iceland Phone Number List relating to a story, it is possible to find the appropriate page for the volume in question and, for example, ‘AT 400 102-150’ appears among the other contents from that volume. to focus attention on mistakes or lack of data left by those who came before in this field, Ó Súilleabháin certainly provid a comprehensive framework for the analysis that would follow, projects such as Decoding Hidden Heritage in includ. Knowing that researchers in diffSeán Ó Flannagáin and the dialects of south-east Galway in the Main Collection Native.

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Decoding Hidden Heritages , Decoding Hidden B2C Database Heritages , Corpus 28 JULY 2022 Among the most active full-time collectors who work for the Irish Folklore Commission is Seán Ó Flannagáin (1908–1996) who collect folklore material for the Commission between 1936–40 and provid them with approximately 9,000 pages. Na Caithríní Beaga don Flanaganác was from and it is from the last indigenous speakers from that country and the surrounding area that he wrote down folklore, including stories, songs, local lore, prayers and poetry quatrains, while he was working for Commission. Although he himself was probably brought up in English.

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