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We already have our website on which we’re executing strategy and a growing social network. We also have a store that serves customers. Beautiful business cards and a small catalog help us better sell our products or services. We also send email estimates and invoices with our logo. How to combine digital marketing techniques with traditional marketing techniques We will utilize our website and social networks to  and the events we organize. We can do the following to add our address to My Business to display on the map. Add our address to local business pages if available. Add a map with our address to our contact page. Add our.

Facilitate visits to our premises

Address everywhere visible such as our footer. Create Turkey Phone Number List blog entries to announce events we will be attending such as visits to trade fairs, conferences or events at our premises. Don’t miss the opportunity to let your potential online fans visit you offline  techniques with digital marketing techniques. Having a home store and some graphic elements can be a gold mine for retaining customers online. Here are some actions that will allow you to gain new views and followers. Add links to our website and social networks in email signatures, quotes and invoices. Add our website and social networks to our business cards and directories.

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How to combine traditional marketing

Add our website and social networks to the logo B2C Database of our premises. It seems unbelievable but walking on the streets of Spain we can see that many small and mium-siz enterprises do not do this and they lose possible traffic because of this. a customer add them as a contact on Facebook or send them a link to our newsletter or social network. Encourage interaction with customers on our own premises or in stores. Suppose we have a clothing store and a Profile The idea is to create a camera phone where the same customers can take a selfie and post it on their account preferably by tagging our account. Another great idea is to place posters or other elements to encourage our visitors to tag our business. If we do these things we can.

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