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Ultimately violence was the ultimate solution, the point of arrival for all. Revolutionary theory. In the famous movieLa Hora los Hornos. By Pino Solanas and Octavio Getino, a true avant-gar manifesto of Latin American Marxism in the s, the message was clear while the final images show Che Guevara on his athb, the voice in off he ask «What is left for the Latin American? Choos his own life, his own ath. When it joins the struggle for liberation, ath ceases to be the final instance, it becomes a liberat act». The invitation to take up arms was unambiguous.

The subversion of the means about

Mocracy and violence in the passage from the s to the s was the fundamental legacy of the texts of leftist intellectuals. What did these changes in political language consist of? And why did they occur? Perhaps the answer to this last question is directly link Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List to the context the military dictatorships were so vastat that a thought anchor in reality could only reflect on its implications in terms of violence and authoritarianism. These terms inevitably took on a much darker mean than in previous times and became horizons that had to be reject outright. When countries were shaken from the horror of repression, In Mexico, a group of exil Argentines publish important.

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Reflections on these issues in the journal

Controversia perhaps the only systematic exile publication of the time. In , Héctor Schmucler (founr of the magazine Los Libros in the s), wrote an article in. Controversia entitl “Human Rights Today” in which he stat that the feat they had suffer “is not only B2C Database the consequence of the superiority of the enemy but of our inability to value it, of the overvaluation of our forces. Of our way of unrstand the country, of our conception of politics. Away from party politics and from their country of origin, the intellectuals were prepar to revise their youthful political ias In Argentina.

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