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This article will be about two phenomena at once. About the constant and methodical draining of budgets by large brands and about bad advertising from SMEs small and medium-sized businesses. Lets start with the basics. Brand awareness and its types It can be of three types top of mind, spontaneous recognition and recognition with a hint.Lets look at the example of apple juices a blind test where I separate marketing from a product can be viewed here . I go to the store for apple juice. I go and buy a cold J in the fridge because Im so used to it.

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Other juices. Im going for the specific one. Is my juice missing? Okay, I choose from the packages.Well with feeling, the barn burned down, burn down and the hut. Just compare what texts were in the first version FOR AGREED advertising integration UK WhatsApp Number List Description of my Telegram channel Dnative , which I added to the brief The blog has more than  articles about working with strategy and social networks. Experiments, practice, analysis of news and research. This is just a reference text, with key points that you can work on further.

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That I know Rich, I, Kind. I know and remember them. If you ask me what juices I can name, I will name them. Are they not there either? I look and remember that there is more. Oh, Gardens of the Don. Ill only remember them if I see them. Recognition affects FMCG very B2C Database strongly. Yes, any brand. In a shopping center, I almost never go to stores whose brands are unknown to me. For me, they just dont exist. But the Forbes team swelled together at SPIEF and the post was simply not written, sent, and rescheduled for this Thursday. No bonuses, no apologies, no offers of compensation. Nothing, just rescheduling for a week. As if it should be. Whats next? We sent much in advance the TOR for integration, all the information about the channels. We coordinated this matter.

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