There are particular challenges

Sergio Portelli (University of Malta) gave a talk entitl ‘Do you understand? work in Malta’ . in a country which is a member state of the EU and which is officially. English is very dominant for written communication. Maltese became a working language in the European Union in 2004 and in order to translate. EU documents a huge terminological work was ne, but not there for it. Terminology remains dubious among end-users who prefer to continue using English due to establish practices, multilingual workforce, time and money constraints, safety and security, international affiliation and standardization. Irish speakers will recognize some of these problems.

A country that cannot cross

On Friday, the President of the University Sweden Phone Number List Daire Keogh, we start the day with the third theme,work in terminology. COVID-19 came up again, with Rute Costa (NOVA CLUNL, Portugal) reality in a post-COVID-19 recovery setting. Begoña Arrate, UZEI (Basque Center for Terminology and Lexicography) terminological agreement among professionals from specific sectors, similar to the work of the Terminology Committee in the case of Irish. Anca-Marina Velicu (University of Bucharest) report on the Romanian Terminological Society, and its previous crises – their terminological database has not been updat since 1999, and the society has only two members.

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Live interpretation between

Victoria Ivashchenko (Borys Grinchenko B2C Database Kyiv University) spoke about terminology in Ukraine, and finally Marta Grané Franch (TERMCAT, Catalonia) describ how TERMCAT, Friday afternoon we focus on the terminology of different budgets . Sarah Cogan (Meta) spoke about how Meta (or Facebook) manages the terminology us for localization. Barbara Karsch (BIK Terminology) gave what she call an old foundation view of the landscape. Of terminology work and the lack of understanding of the importance of the terminologist’s work. Lia Karosanizde (Vukol Beridze Association of Terminology of Georgia) discuss the issue of terminology for Georgia.

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