Overall Klaviyos cost per subscriber

Increases as your list grows , whereas other email marketing providers tend to get cheaper as subscribers grow. This is the Klaviyo pricing table bas on the number of subscribers Up to subscribers – free Up to subscribers – per month Up to subscribers – month Up to subscribers – per month Up to , subscribers – per month Up to , subscribers – month Up to , subscribers – month Up to , subscribers – month Click here to register for Klaviyo for free Cons You can’t click mark subscribers in emails mouse Remember when I said Klaviyo wasn’t a great choice for blogging

The main reason is because

Klaviyo doesn’t allow you to click to tag subscribers in their emails. In fact, Klaviyo’s subscriber tagging is pretty poor compar to ConvertKit or Drip . In my blog, I have several automatic flow settings that are trigger bas on the links the user clicks in the email . For Brazil WhatsApp Number Lis example , the first email of My Wife QuitHer Job.com’s autores ponder sequence asks readers whether they are a senior e-commerce store owner or a junior e-commerce store owner. If they click the “Advanc” button, they will be mark as an advanc user and sent my advanc ecommerce tutorial. With Klaviyo, there is no way to do this.

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Since Klaviyo is focus on e-commerce

There is no easy way to apply the “non-e-commerce” tag to subscribers. Even a simple task like resending an email campaign to someone who didn’t open it the first time takes a lot of effort. Bottom line, if you’re a blogger or content creator, it’s best B2C Database to use ConvertKit as it will be much cheaper. Cons You can’t create conditional email forms Clavio form Most email marketing providers allow you to create beautiful email forms on your website, and Klaviyo is no exception. But Klaviyo doesn’t allow you to dynamically change email forms bas on past behavior.

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