Preparing well for the implementation

In this context, Giammattei obtain just of the votes in the first electoral round. He thus became the candidate who went to a second round with the lowest percentage of votes and spite this he won the Presincy. of voters had a first preference other than the current presint of Guatemala, who manag to win the ballot mainly because the majority of voters reject his rival Sandra Torres, ex-wife of ex-presint Alvaro Colom And candidate of the National Unity of Hope (UNE) party. The weakness of Vamos, the presint’s party, was also express in the composition.

Congress parties have parliamentary representation

No legislative bloc has a majority, and the official party has only of seats. Unr these circumstances, Giammattei and his political operatives forg a parliamentary coalition that includ the Nationalist Change Union (UCN), a party accus of links to drug traffick Armenia Phone Number List and whose presintial candidate is serv a sentence in the Unit States; All, the flagship party of the so-call “corrupt pact” (the political, business and criminal coalition that promot the parture of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG)); other minority parliamentary groups and a group of UNE puties who, accord to complaints from their co-religionists, were brib to ally themselves with the official party and thus elect a congressional board of directors subordinate in fact to the Executive Power.

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From now on each important vote has

Meant for the government the exchange of favors with the alli blocs and puties. Regard corruption, the Central American Institute of Fiscal Studies B2C Database warn about several approv budget items in which anomalies and difficulties for control were intifi. In addition, the budget did not sufficiently address the nes to address chronic malnutrition and extreme poverty. On the afternoon of Thursday the th, Presint Giammattei with his cabinet of ministers announc that he would not veto the budget and that he would call a think tank to realign it. Half an hour later.

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