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This means that you do use the currency symbol for salary. In addition, especially use the cimals . to literally make the amount as large as possible for the brain. . Use these influenc techniques social proof, scarcity and mere exposure effect In addition to concrete words and numbers, there are also important influenc techniques that you can use for your vacancy texts. Social proof We all know the example of travel giant Book. Each accommodation has an assessment in the form of a score. Unr each rat, it is also stat by how many people that accommodation has been rat.

We call this social proof It just works

Well to let others tell you how they experience someth. So let colleagues have their say in your vacancy texts. Example of social proof in vacancy scarcity People are sensitive to scarcity. ‘One more available, be quick!’ Or ‘Gone = gone!’. We all know the terms. And Benin Phone Number List it works. Also in your vacancy texts. Therefore, always add a clos date. This way you convince doubters to apply. After all, they miss out if they don’t respond to your vacancy in time. In practice, it appears that add a clos date to vacancy texts ensures that qualitatively better candidates respond to your vacancy at the end of the application period.

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Mere exposure effect Known makes lov

That is exactly what the mere exposure effect can be us for. With this effect you ensure the power of repetition, and repetition ensures a positive mindset. We all know it that holiday stination or those beautiful new shoes. Once you’ve watch B2C Database them, they’ll pop up more often in your timeline at other times. Do you have peanut butter or sprinkles on bread? And which cake do you prefer, strawberry or chocolate? All choices that we make relatively easy with this think system. Think system the conscious brain Think system takes more energy.

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