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In proposal that Corpas na Gaeilge Comhwheide is a very useful tool . When you are doing language work you are certainly looking for examples of terms, phrases or words that are in common use. I conduct a corpus search to investigate mia and other sources to find these current examples. As a translation student at DCU I was also lucky enough to do a lot of translation work and I was able to apply the academic skills I learn during the year when I add Irish to several pages of a site nua gaois.ie and when I had to translate very complex definitions from English to Irish for the COVID-19 terminology database.

The research group because

As an Irish speaker and student I probably Honduras Phone Number List had experience with Gaois language resources such as tearma.ie , but my time with the research group gave me the opportunity to use those resources in a professional context. All of the Gaois research group’s resources are available online for free and I will definitely continue to use them in the future when learning or teaching. As every mother’s son and father’s daughter knows by now, there are particular challenges associat with remote working. I had to be hard on myself in relation to the work to keep a daily diary, for example.

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I have to say that I could not have done B2C Database my job properly without the support I receiv from all the Gaois staff. I had regular chats with different team members and everyone was open to questions or even a conversation. Because of this, I got to know the team very well, even though we never met physically! Finally, I hope that the next intern will have the opportunity to be bas in the Wise offices in DCU, but it is also clear to me that I have both benefit and enjoy.

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