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Which device the user uses to access our website, it can be us without problems. Responsive web design Before responsive design web designers had to create two versions of the same web page one for desktop and one for mobile.   the job of link building more complicat. Also if the page is not well implement we may run into duplicate content issues. Google’s update of its algorithm since 1/2/2019 benefits those sites with a responsive design. This algorithm change is rumor to affect index pages to benefit those concern with responsive design. And it’s only just getting start as more and more users.

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Connect to the Internet through their mobile devices. Google Mobile First Index In March 2018, Google announc that it would prioritize the mobile Italy Phone Number List version of web pages in search results and put the desktop version in the background. Should responsive web design be appli to all projects? Yes. Let’s remember that for and other search engines the user experience on the web is critical so we must take care of all users no matter where they come from. Depending on the project these may be higher in computer than in mobile and vice versa. For example.

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It is common for companies where items are sold to other companies to have more visits from computers while in companies where items are sold B2C Database directly to other consumers these visits are more likely to be from mobile devices.  different and this may not apply to yours. Items represent Accelerat Mobile Pages. It is a new open source technology design to greatly improve the user experience when browsing from mobile devices. What is done is to generate a different version of each by removing code etc. Would you like to see what it looks like? We’ve done a test on our blog. You can see a version of this post at this link. Can be install on is especially suitable for news sites and sites that generate a lot of mobile traffic.

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