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Disguise their occupation as a popular uprising. Unlike in that case. Wherever the iconoclasm of protest movements is authentic, it always provokes outrag reactions. The community members were brand as “vandals” and Gustave Courbet, one of those responsible for the demolition of the column, was imprison. As for the Spanish anarchists, they were condemn as ferocious barbarians. Similar outrage has erupt in recent weeks. Boris Johnson was outrag when a statue of Winston.

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On which there is an academic consensus, link to current debates about his representation of Africans and his responsibility for the Bengal famine in . Emmanuel Macron complain bitterly of a similar iconoclasm in a message address to the USA Phone Number List French nation in which, curiously, he never mention the victims of racism “Tonight I tell you very clearly, dear fellow citizens, that the Republic will not erase any trace or figure of his story. You will not forget any of her achievements. She will not topple any statues». In Italy, the throwing of r paint on a statue of Indro Montanelli in a public park in.

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Milan was unanimously denounc as

Fascist and “barbaric” act by all newspapers and mia outlets, with the exception of Il Manifesto . Wound in the s by left-wing terrorists, Montanelli was canoniz as a heroic defender of democracy and freom. After this “cowardly offense” inflict on his B2C Database statue by paint-sprayers, an itorialist for the Corriere della Serahe insist that this hero should be remember as a “sacr” figure. However, this “barbaric” act prov fruitful in revealing to many Italians Montanelli’s “sacr. Achievements in the s, as a young journalist, he extoll the fascist empire and its racial hierarchies. Sent to Ethiopia as a war correspondent, he promptly purchas a -year-old Eritrean girl to satisfy her sexual and domestic nes.

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