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As Like Share, Comment on your posts. This objective is us to improve content creation to meet the nes of the follower group. (both quantitative and qualitative) Improve to get more participation (Engagement) . Increase and Drive Sales (Sales Conversions) If you have a goal that nes to be achiev according to the plan. must focus on setting objectives to generate sales Or some businesses may not be able to close sales in one process. Instead, you can set objectives that focus on conversions, with metrics like sales, conversion rate, click-through rate (CTR). . Generate Leads In some cases, the purpose of Social Mia Marketing for some businesses may not always be closing the sale.

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It’s about keeping Leads that may turn Ghana Phone Number List into customers or sales in the future as much as possible. Some businesses seem complicat, take a long time to make decisions, or ones that are not well known. May set the purpose of lead generation to study how many people are interest. And it may also help to screen true interest in another way. By collecting information of people who are interest in the marketing campaign information you communicate, including name, email address, occupation, phone number, etc. And Facebook itself is one of the best platforms that can be us to create Leads.

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Delve into market information from B2C Database Social Listening The purpose of this section is to give you in-depth information by doing Social Listening or listening to voices from the social world. This can reflect both positive and negative information relevant to your brand or business. And also to your competitors in your market. There are important indicators such as brand mention (Brand Mention), mention of competitors (Competitor Mention), feelings of people on social mia (Social Sentiment) #Hashtag that is being discuss.

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