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A in this article, the Customer Journey of a B B s like. Get to know the B B Customer Journey Map Framework I would like to focus on the B B business as a whole, not specific to any one industry. the B B Purchase Journey , it nes to be consider in steps, consisting of . Identify the problem (Problem) or the cause of the acquisition of that product. . Awareness (Awareness) , which is the stage of showing the existence of the product in the market . . Search for information (Research) to obtain revenue. Detail decision-making. . Trial (Testing) to see if it is what you are looking for or not .

Benefits for the company’s products

Offer Bargain (Pricing & Negotiation) after deciding Georgia WhatsApp Number List on the options available in the market. level one . Management with stakeholders (Stakeholder Management) to request budget approval. Until reaching step . Purchase (Purchase), which may have more or less steps. Which depends on the complexity of each industry and each type of product. As for the way to promote the product, it is possible to approach customers (Active) or advertising to reach customers (Passive) in each touchpoint . And to illustrate all steps, I would like to give an example of an industry that clearly sees the Customer Journey or the journey of the customer.

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Create and services

That is, a CRM software company whose target B2C Database customers are various financial businesses. . Identify the problem Employees working in financial advisory firms are always looking for new solutions to meet the nes of their business. The problem directly affects senior management. middle management and general staff Therefore, it is necessary to find a CRM system to help support work in various parts to answer these problems. Increase the work efficiency and work processes of the company.

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