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Launch a brand, look for a team for SMM. And you make a classic brief our goal is to increase awareness, positioning, and reinforcing characteristics. Everything is cool. So what is next. And then KPI  subscribers. Or  It doesnt matter. This is where everything is covered. Do you already feel where Im going? For example, our target audience is  –  years old, ALL RUSSIA. It is logical to choose VK as the main platform for promotion.

We go to the advertising account and look

The volume of target audience  MILLION PEOPLE.  million A lot of. This is a popular issue. Of course, you need to do segmentation, select priority regions, and so on. In any case, we are dealing with millions of potential diabetics that our company wants USA WhatsApp Number List to hook up on Coke. Sometimes more. And if there was breaking news, I went to the advertiser with a request to publish a post. This happened just a couple of times, but By agreement with the advertiser no one refused. I usually offer something in return. We have a non-working link like t.meaddlistlolZakcmzYmIy ?erid=KraXU , where the ending is advertising markup, which simply breaks the link on most devices.

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She wasnt even checked You can check

For yourself, by the way. Here is the original link to the folder . Here is the link with the erid token . Does the second one work? I am writing an article an hour after the advertisement was released. No one answered us, the link was not replaced, in fact, it is broken. I dont expect feedback B2C Database anymore. Let me remind you that the goal is to increase brand awareness. In a better world, the brief will indicate the current awareness and what level it needs to be brought to and its type. But this happens, usually, only in fairy tales. Remember the KPI from the brief , subscribers. Per month. Do you know what percentage of the target audience is , people? .. Okay, in a year this number will grow to.

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