Sometimes this attitude slows me

The workload is the same.” “Life is like a camera. Focus on the important thingscapture the good timesdevelop from the negativesand if things don’t work out – try again.” It doesn’t matter if the glass is half empty or half full. What matters is that you are the one pouring it. glass of water If there’s one single quote that defines my way of thinkingit’s that I like control . down when I have to learn or develop something from scratch. But for the most partI’m a firm believer in owning a core part of your business . For examplein my last article on the future of e-commerceI mention that I’ve consider switching to a fully manag shopping cart like Big Commerce or Shopify.

Tthe reason I’ve resist all these years is because

I don’t want to hand my business platform to someone else who can raise prices or change policies at any time. From an SEO perspectiveit’s a major investmentand it’s very risky I have the knowlge and ability to maintain my own solution Can I innovate faster India WhatsApp Number List than a fully manag platform? no way But on the other handI don’t ne of the features that a fully manag shopping cart supports. What about the remaining ? I can often write new features myself over a few weekends and avoid paying recurring fees . In generalwhen it comes to outsourcingI like to take control of various aspects of my business that are not easily interchangeable.

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For everything elseI don’t mind

Paying rd party fees. For exampleI spend about a month on email marketing services. But even though email marketing accounts for of my blog B2C Database revenueI would never create my own email platform . Switching email providers is fairly straightforwardso if my provider decides to cheat meit won’t pose a significant risk to my business. itor’s Note I’ve been screw with my email provider in the past. read this. Cartson the other handrequire months of hard work to migrate. Will my mindset change one day maybe.

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