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So when customers abandon, you’ll want to reach out to your customers and entice them to come back to complete the purchase. Here’s what one of my abandon cart emails look like for Bumblebee Linens (implement by Klaviyo). Klaviyo Abandon Email Klaviyo  in the above email . The email contains a photo of the exact item in the cart when the customer abandon it There is a large link in the email that takes customers directly to checkout Overall, I us emails in my abandon checkout sequence and was able to recover of my lost sales.

This is free money The power of Klaviyo

That you can send different abandon cart emails bas on customer behavior through an intuitive graphical flowchart. Clavio Abandon Stream In this example, I divid my abandon customers into different categories. Customers with more than in cart Belize WhatsApp Number List Customers with less than in cart For customers over , I would issue a coupon because the order value (and profit) is higher, and the lifetime value of these visitors may be higher. For cheap customers, I just send the standard “no coupon” email shown above. For more information on my exact abandon cart sequence , check out my post on.

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The Abandon Cart Email Sequence

For Recycling of Sales (No Coupon) Browse the abandonment process When a customer views a product but doesn’t add it to cart or checkout, you should send them an email with a picture of their product and other suggest products . Note This sequence is B2C Database different from cart abandonment as it starts when the customer has not add to the cart or start the checkout. Here’s what my scrapp emails look like. Abandon Landscape Browsing the abandonment flow was my second highest performing sequence in terms of revenue per email sent.

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