Management has to be straight forward

It has to be cheap – I don’t want to pay thousands of. Dollars a month for a turnkey solution. – I don’t want to spend too much time maintaining the program at all. It has to work and manage itself. With these goals in mind, I chose to use. ManyChat’s Facebook Messenger chatbot solution . The cool thing about ManyChat is that it stores data about your customers . For example, I can use a chatbot to track the number of times a customer makes a purchase. I can use a chatbot to automate the reward remption process. I can use a chatbot to process bonus points.

Everything is done by a computer

Which makes chatbots ideal My Loyalty Program Chatbot Overview Below is a diagram of my customer loyalty program chatbot , since there are several moving parts, I will explain it in small pieces. Loyalty Program Chatbot Below is a high-level overview China WhatsApp Number List of the program structure. When customers sign up for the first time, they will receive a point sign up bonus Every dollar spent equals one cent. The first reward is to get points. Whenever a customer makes a purchase , they are given a special link to update their total points. Customers can view their total points or reem rewards by clicking on the same link If a customer wants to reem a reward.

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They get a special coupon code and a special

Link to view the product Points will be automatically duct from their account after remption is complete . All bonus points and orders are stor on the Many B2C Database Chat platform Let’s break it down into steps Step Registration Process step Using ManyChat terminology, I first set up a Facebook Messenger chatbot using the Messenger Ref URL . Basically, it’s a fancy way of saying that customers have to click a link to get start . After they click on the link, they’ll be ask a simple question if they’re here to join the rewards program.

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