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In general, it was became the perfect moment to sell . This was banned in the target, but it is possible in cases. Its especially cool to show before and after to visualize the “change of approach to TOV”. Did you target? What didnt work, what worked great and how you can use this experience for yourself. Half of the cases today we took the audience of competitors. Well, thats cool, huh. Mindmaps are fucked up . Nothing is clear from the outside, especially in the huge ones. We made content Tell me how. What were the ideas, what was abandoned, how was the production optimized. Visualization of TK result.

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An article is not only a text, show everything in general, explain, show examples. The results are excellent. Especially when its not “during Cambodia Phone Number List the cooperation we attracted subscribers.” This can also be normal, if it is clear why and how these people were converted into money. Or they didnt buy anything. Key learnings . I already talked about them above. What it is? Key conclusions at the end of the project. If you dont sort projects by team total, I have bad news for you. This must be done so that the expertise spreads evenly throughout the agency.

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Looks like, then you are reading them right now. We will skip this point. Dont be afraid to talk about yourself and show people. Ideally, when an B2C Database article has a specific author who stands behind it conditionally a project manager. We all love to read people, especially cool people like me, blog author Alexei Tkachuk, who has a whole bunch of his own channels and social networks all of them are here The main thing in any article. We must change the reader. Before that.

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