How should marketing support the company’s stability

Well do you already feel the effectiveness of SMM? We can say that advertis. That will attract a new audience to the group will in any case increase brand awareness. Can. But is it necessary. What creatives will work for a subscription. Will it be about the product, or about the content in the group? And what do you write on a regular basis soda? Guess the Movie by Emoji Contest? Main question He is simple.  Why should I try to gather several thousand people around the brand.

Even tens of thousands for which organic reach

Will be  at best, and constantly suffer from content and its regularity, if I can solve the brief easier, faster and better. Can I make some cool promotional posts that will “sell the Venezuela WhatsApp Number List brand Can I manage the frequency of contact in advertis and segment the target audience for each post? CAN. Three out of three. What else does? Oh yes. Subscribers will not accumulate. Are they even ne in this case? All this reinforc concrete argumentation, as a rule, breaks down into the simple logic of a brand manager or a head of a head of a head of a chief executive. And it is simple SMM  subscribers.

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The effectiveness of such advertis

On the screenshot. The post garner nearly k reach, which is about  of the total average reach per post in the channel. Someone else will catch up, but . We got this result for  thousand rubles. Yes, there were  of us, so each contribut . thousand B2C Database rubles. If I paid k myself, my ass would burn brighter. Outcome? Whats the upshot here. Together we pour  thousand rubles on a TOTALLY useless post, the whole point of which is to write an article bas on its results. Not a sle author of a Telegram channel about market, business and similar topics has ever approach writ ads in such a smart way. Yes, someone does not hesitate to post sent texts. Only the authors, real experts, are simply on some completely different level of approach to work with crops.

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