Since ManyChat supports emails

So it ‘s in your best interest to remind your customers about your loyalty program from time to time, and the best part is that this can be done in ManyChat. you can have ManyChat automatically send emails to your customers at set intervals to remind them of their total points and entice them to shop again. In a way, your rewards program can act like a win-back campaign without any discounts. For my loyalty program, I send my customers an email every days reminding them to shop more to earn more points. Loyalty Program Email Here’s what you should include in your email.

The current number of points in your account

What rewards your customers are eligible for how many points do they ne to get to the next award A snapshot of how much free stuff they’ve won so far Again, all of these emails can be fully automat. Depending on the products you sell, it makes sense Croatia WhatsApp Number List to remind your customers to come back to shop at least every days . If you want to make this strategy even more effective, you can even reward customers with extra bonus points as part of the sale instead of regular discounts . I use this strategy with my crit card whenever I earn bonus points for my purchases. These strategies work. Simplify Loyalty Program Implementation.

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If you want to replicate my loyalty

Program implementation, you may ne to do some basic coding. But with some simplifications, you can do it without a developer . For example, instead of pinging your website for order value , you could simply increase a customer’s total points by for each B2C Database purchase. Instead of automatically generating coupon codes , you can have customers email you their remptions and process their rewards manually . But with just a little bit of coding (which any basic programmer can handle), you can have a fully automat system that runs on its own! Loyalty Program Implementation Costs All in all, if you don’t count the cost of ManyChat, the loyalty program I implement for my ecommerce store is more or less free.

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