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Associates page and sign up. The entire minutes and you will usually be approv within hours or business day. After signing up, you will receive an email confirming your Amazon Associates application . You’ll also receive a login to the backend Amazon Associates dashboard , where you can track clicks, sales, and revenue. Step – Decide what to bring Product Guide You should treat your Amazon affiliate store like a regular e-commerce store and niche store . Instead of throwing every product in the sun, you want to be very strategic about what you sell. While niche research is not the focus of this tutorial, see my post on How to Find.

The Best Products to Sell Online

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for more information. Ideally, you should carry products in your affiliate store that you eventually plan to private-label for your own store . This way, the data you collect from the Amazon dashboard can be directly appli to El Salvador WhatsApp Number List your future ecommerce strategy. Step – Create Your Online Store Website shopping cart Your choice of ecommerce platform will largely depend on your budget, here are shopping carts that I highly recommend . Shopify – Shopify is the leader in the field, has the most rd party developer support, but is also the most expensive BigCommerce – BigCommerce is more powerful and cheaper than Shopify out of the box, but they have.

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Less support for rd party developers

Woo Commerce – WooCommerce is free to use, but you ne to have your own web hosting. Overall, this is the cheapest solution. Because the overall theme of this article is to start with as little money as possible , I’ll give you instructions on how to install B2C Database WooCommerce for less than . . (this is not a typo) Because the software is free, WooCommerce is the most widely us shopping cart in the world and has the most third-party developer support across all platforms, including Shopify. The best part is that WooCommerce runs on WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system. So if you already have a WordPress blog.

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