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The first theme was crisis terminology , and two speakers discuss the link between migration, communication, and terminology. Jessica Mariani (Communication Strategies, European Commission) rais questions about the meaning of the terms ‘refugee’, ‘asylum seeker’ and ‘migrant’- and the implications of these terms for the people under discussion. Veronica Crosbie (SALIS, Dublin City University) follow the same question: when people have to flee their home countries, she says, they risk not only losing their homes and livelihoods but their personalities too, as state officials, local activists, and the mia will place them in the ‘Other’ category, including labels such as ‘refugee’ and ‘asylum seeker.

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Sharon O’Brien and Patrick Cadwell (SALIS, Dublin City University) discuss the role of translators during crises and the ne for accurate terminology Spain Phone Number List for the translator and the public as a whole. Finally, Lotte Weilgaard Christensen (University of Southern Denmark) and Bodil Nistrup Madsen (Copenhagen Business School) talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic has l to the introduction of many terms that are not fully understood by the public and are not precisely defin. The result of this was the rapid terminisation and de-terminisation together with ever-changing terminology affecting both national and international communities. They explain the Danish approach to this.

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After a poster session, lunch, and a B2C Database general assembly, continu on Thursday evening with the second theme, terminology in minority and endanger languages . Sue Ellen Wright spoke about terminology guidelines for native languages. Translation Commons’ Zero to Digital project is developing methodologies and training materials to support native language documentation. The aim of the project is to support full digitization of languages ​​whose speakers wish to achieve this goal, for example Cherokee, Fulfulde (in the Sahel) and Chakma (Bangladesh). We also heard from Emil Molander (LYS Publishing and Umeå.

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