Who is the target audience

Be us with buttons. Call-to-Action or emphasizing something important Because r always encourages some action quickly. Purple (Purple) Purple may seem appealing to mostly female customers. which does not have a good effect on male customers Purple combines the power of r and the persistence of blue. evokes a sense of luxury and elegance It also means mystery. creativity or even wisdom But it’s not recommend for every business. Pink (Pink) Pink is associat with sex and is often us to express femininity and softness. In shades of light pink, it can look as fragile and fragile as a flower.

Fashion industry or business

While deep shades of pink can appear Ukraine Phone Number List bright or dull, they resemble r. Pink symbolizes love. However, it was more tender and intimate love than intense love. The softness of pink is ideal for children’s products and confectionery. Brown (Brown) Brown is not very popular in web design. Although it is an earth tone color, it looks reliable, safe, warm, but it also has a connotation of depression, sadness, gloom, loneliness, and hardiness. It can have negative emotional effects. Item Choose to see which color is suitable for what industry. Each color may be suitable for a particular industry that you ne to select in the right way for your website design.

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White to make the elements

If you choose the right colors, it will B2C Database enhance the emotional feel and the experience of visiting the website. and the color that is most commonly us in various industries is Blue: Science, mical, government, legal, technology industries or businesses. Green: Science-relat industry or business. pharmaceutical organization Business relat to the environment, tourism, finance, personnel management Black: Industry or business relat to construction, finance, clothing factory. Cosmetics, Mining, Marketing, Technology Gray (Grey): automotive industry or business Print mia, journaling.

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