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Cannot make itself, and is and its associat hormones. minerals and vitamins as well. It is clear from the stories in the School Collection that people recogniz this connection in the way seawe was us as a remy for an illness link to a person having low levels of minerals or vitamins. It is clear from the stories on dú that iodine was mostly us in its natural form, ie as seawe. There are also references to collecting seawe and sending it to factories to remove the iodine from it . However, the public was not always aware of the activities, or ‘ Secret Works ‘, as they are call in this story.

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The seawe is recommend as a cure for illness Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List from the bottom to the top of the body, from sore feet to toothache . It is possible, however, that it was not the iodine alone that was responsible for curing or rucing the pain. The bubble and rufa seawe (referr to as ‘ blister seawe ‘) is specifically mention as a remy for the dyes . It is interesting to remember that pains and cramps in the limbs are symptoms of a lack of calcium and that calcium is found in those two types of seawe.

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The seawe as evidence

In rufa than in most other types of seawe. It was recommend to wash feet with seawe and put it on the back to ruce pain . Magnesium, another B2C Database mineral found in seawe, is now understood to help muscles function properly. The Photograph Collection, B039.01.00013 Along with ailments in the muscles and joints, the seawe is mention as a remy for problems relat to the digestive and respiratory system. The rock is said to be a great antidote if you have a bad stomach . In another story it is mention that blackberry is a good remy for worms in the stomach.

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