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I gain while tackling different tasks on a daily basis. hope that my work with the Gaois research group will have a meaningful impact on the Irish community as we live through this strange period. I must say that I am very happy that I had the opportunity to play my own small role during the pandemic. It will not be long now that I will be moving on to my next role teaching Irish in Canada, but the skills and experience I have gain during my time at Gaois will certainly help me. I look forward to the publication of the COVID-19 terminology database and to keeping in touch.

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With the team in the of the by-products of the COVID-19 pandemic is that we as a society have become familiar with a lot of technical Hungary Phone Number List terms that we didn’t ne before, some of them brand new (‘infodemic’ aisdéim’?) and some of them exist for a long time but was limit to the fields of science and micine until recently (the term ‘coronavirus’ itself). The mia highlight this tendency and many glossaries and other explanatory material were publish such as this English one on and this comprehensive one publish by Tuairisc.ieshortly.

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The mia has a great influence when it B2C Database comes to spreading and normalizing new terms and this was evident during the spring when the likes of Raidió na Gaeltachta, TG4 and carri out comprehensive and measur coverage of all aspects of the crisis . At the same time, major deficiencies were identifi in the information publish by the State through Irish in relation to the disease, which meant that the information pages relat to COVID-19 on certain government sites were deficient compar to their counterparts in English.

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