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There are visionaries then those willing to reach for novelties, and finally it goes under the roof. The B2B Video Content Marketing Survey Results show that as many as 96% of companies in this industry in the US engage in video content marketing activities. Meanwhile, in Poland, according to Chimney’s YOUTOP100 Poland 2015, only 34 out of the 500 largest companies regularly publish at least one video a week on YouTube. And how do small and meium-size enterprises use video marketing? Why are we doing this research? There is no bigger mistake in marketing than not knowing your customers’ nees. The more specialize the industry, the harder it is to get solid research.

The results of research

Sometimes there is simply nothing else to do but do it yourself. For us, the key question is what do small and meium-size enterprises think about video marketing activities? That is why we have prepare a nationwide study. Can you help us? is to encourage small and meium-size enterprises to participate in the study. We should take advantage of every opportunity, so we take advantage of it. Please complete the survey . It will take approximately 7 minutes to answer. What do we offer in return? In return, we offer knowlege and discounts from research partners.

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The report will be made available

The effect of our activities will be a report in which will be commente by experts and practitioners.  free of charge to all intereste parties. What’s more, our B2C Database partners have prepare discounts for specialist services and publications for study participants. Fill out the survey! Check what you can gain! The guest entry was prepare by Olga Majkowska , who, together with the OFFON Agency team, invites you to particip5 examples.

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