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It could have different origins. It could be the English surname King , or an Irish surname such as Ó Cionga or Mac Conraoi or Ó Conraoi . The same problems would apply toBird mention above. It would be necessary to carry out genealogical research to find the original Irish form of a surname like this. However, it is often not possible to resolve the issue satisfactorily. This database includes surnames of Irish origin such as Ó Briain , or surnames that have origins in other languages ​​but were Gaeliciz before the 17th century such as Mac Gerald , which is root in Norman French.

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Mac Gerald is a famous surname , and we have Singapore Phone Number List plenty of references to the Irish form of the name going back to the 13th century. In other cases, it is difficult to prove that an Irish form of the surname was in circulation before the 17th century, but certain tricks can be us. For example there was an Irish version of the placename Baile an Síbrigh Cheeverstown – ‘ the town of An Síbhreach — from the surname Síbhear (< Normanle Chivere )’ ( use in the 15th century (‘ Ballychyre ‘). There is evidence, therefore.

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That an Irish version of the surname Cheevers B2C Database was in use before the 17th century, and Síbhear has been add to the surname database as a result. Other examples of foreign surnames that have been add to the new version of the database are de Brús  Bruce , which is mention by Dubhaltach Mac Firvisigh in Leabhar Mór na n’Genealach (Muhr & Ó Aisibéil, 2021: 63), and de Léis Lacey which is in the placename Garráí an Léisig Garrynlease – ‘ the garden of An Léisigh from the surname Léis (< de Lacy )’ in Limerick.

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