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For cocooning distress syndrome , There were plenty of topical terms between and the EU terminological work, as well: compression leggings , outbreak cluster , Anti-Breathemachtor , calculat grade , yoga ball , biodegradable bag , short-time work arrangement and to not many others. Or maybe you were escaping the same pandemic as your own immersion in lore. We celebrat the fifth birthday of Meitheal Dú in February, and the members did a great job this year, especially during the strict lockdown: on the most active day, 30 April, 1,019 pages were transcrib.* New reading material was add from the Main collection with dú, and new ways to approach the subject.

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An index of international folktales in the Croatia Phone Number List School Collection was launch, an index bas mainly on the Aarne-Thompson Index (AT) which identifies common motifs in international folktales. Among these stories, there are versions of Cinderella , The Blacksmith and the Devil, stories about the wisdom of the fox, and so on. Meithaal was also being add to this year; 4,618 new records were creat, and two collections, the Fingal Park Names Project and Glenath Minor Placenames, were add. Work was also done on, and the database is now available via a public API.

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Research was start to arrange Irish versions B2C Database for c.700 streets. The corpora on have been significantly develop this year. In terms of content, the Corpus of Contemporary Irish now contains 33.5 million words (an increase of 8.4m). Among the new content is a CHARTAighde archive; Irish subject TEANGA , Journal of the Association of Appli Linguistics in Ireland; Mirror archive ; and Nuacht Raidió na Gaeltachta. There is an increase of 4 million words in the Parallel Corpus. We also start the development of the Irish Dictionary Corpus.

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