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However, only in a very limit area in the center and south of Kildare, in counties. Offaly and Laois, gay itself found. It is clear that some of the school students and teachers. Who took part in the project were aware that this was a. Very local phenomenon, as explain by a school student at the Girls’ School inKildingen : In County Kildare a disease is to be found, which is known in no other county except in itself; it’s name is “fine”, 146 ) The map below shows the schools in which references to in the School Collection, as well as the locations of the people to whom the remy is mention.

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Distribution of the schools with references to the Belgium Phone Number List minor (orange) and those to whom the micine was mention (grey) in the Schools years, the world at large has become accustom to PCR and antigen tests as a normal part of life, but it seems that the smallpox healers had their own method of testing, as explain by a school teacher in Kildingen : To diagnose this disease some of the saliva of the affect person is taken. A special liquid is appli to the saliva. If it foams then the person has the disease.

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Prunella vulgaris cc-by-sa2.0 -paul dickson – geograph ukp881407 to cure the minor, but in most cases, there is a central herb in the micine. Prunella B2C Database vulgaris seems to have been the most widely us plant. This is call self-heal and cure-all in the material from the Scoil Collection and the Irish version given in the dictionaries of Uí Dónaill and de Baldraithe is dúanín an cheanchais . Ó Dónaill offers a few other versions, dúán cócsóch.

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