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Is that it is sometimes told as a legend,may be true, and at other times as an old story. A more fantasy story set in another world. To look at this distribution, we are marking whether specific place names are mention in the version. For example a local name of a guarantee. To begin the work of this project, of the story that are available are collect. For this step, the work done by the collectors and archivists who came before us and organiz. The stories according to type of story, or Tale Type, is a great help. Invaluable indexes direct us to all available versions: some publish. Some in digitiz archives, and some available only in handwritten volumes.

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One of my duties this summer was to spend a Greece Phone Number List week in the Irish Folklore Collection reading old stories, an experience I would strongly recommend. Many members of this project are helping to sift through the 312 Irish and Scottish versions of the harp story, coding each one by filling out the spreadsheet for each characteristic. Analysis: will come in once all the stories have been turn into strings of numbers representing the attribute states. With this data, we can perform simple assessments, such as creating a basic genealogical branch, or highlighting different features on the story map, to identify those with regional variation.

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This data set will allow folklorists to visualize B2C Database the stories in a different, comparative way that will lead to clearer emerging patterns. A more complex phylogenetic analysis will be able to take into account different rates of trait change, and show more about the process of inheritance, as well as create probable relationships between story versions. With God’s help, distinct relationships will be seen between Scottish and Irish versions.

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