The factors that determines

It is also consider an important factor in deciding to buy products that are highly involv as well. Because compar to the brands that are available in the market, the advantage and disadvantage that will occur is that you offer something that is different than your competitors. The difference is possible in both product properties. Benefits include brand positioning that differentiates the market as well. Recalling the name of the brand When customers buy High Involvement Products , another important factor is that customers ne to remember or recall your brand.

The consumer’s purchasing

Think about it if you are deciding to buy one Kenya WhatsApp Number List type of product which is a car. And when you’re thinking of a luxury car, what brand do you think of? I believe that in must have a BMW, Merces Benz or maybe an Audi. already both divid through good experience from using it before or referrals from friends and family Including seeing advertising mia often This will help to create links faster and may easily eliminate other options. It can be said that it captures customers in one punch and that’s why brands ne to create a memorable image in the minds of customers continuously and for a long time.

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Decision is that price

Word of mouth Although we have seen enormous B2C Database growth in online mia and social mia. But the traditional way of marketing, such as speaking or word of mouth, is still an important weapon in marketing every time. The more expensive the product, the longer the decision-making process takes careful consideration of various factors. But when fac with word-of-mouth recommendations from real users, when did they have real experience? It guarantees that you will be able to unlock worries and shorten the time of decision-making more quickly. product price Fundamentally.

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